dijous, 22 de març de 2012

Anecdote by Elena Ruiz

Thursday 20th we went to the center of Wien, capital of Austria. In this place we made a touristic route and then we had free time to visit the city and have some lunch. We were in the most important place of the city, so everything was very expensive and we decided to eat in McDonald’s. The fast food restaurant was crowded, and there, as it is a touristic city there were a lot of people from different nationalities. Suddenly a popular song sounded and my group of friends started singing very low. For our surprise we started to listen an Italian boy singing the song too, but then a group of german girls follow the melody, and at the end other boys sang the same. That moment was curious because we realized that it doesn’t matter our origin  because it can link us by a song. And we had a funny moment because we made the queue more entertained with the melody “hey soul sister… “ 

2 comentaris:

  1. Que tingueu una bona tornada a casa i gaudiu d'aquests moments que seran inoblidables. Els recordareu tota la vostra vida...!

    Una abraçada.

    Albert Riu

  2. That's cool why is the city so important


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