dimecres, 21 de març de 2012

The show assistant

The third day of our amazing trip we where in Krakow. It was about eight o'clock PM and we had a little free time so Sara and me decided to go to a big supermarket near the major place. When we go there we didn't want to buy anything and when we where just about to leave we didn't know from where we could go out and Sara propposed to pass through the cash register and there we saw a very stressed woman. At first we asked politely to go out but she didn't say anything, so we asked again and again. At the end, as she didn't say anything, I gessed she didn't speak English so we slipped out.
Sometimes it's also good to know how to express ourselves through gestures!

Meri Herrero

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  1. You're right. Body language is an international language!

    Enjoy it!


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